Monday, December 31, 2012

New Pages!

Dearest our lovely customer, Sister to Sister Store gladly announcing new pages and new product lines!

as you can see, there's some pages added in Sister to Sister Store's blog.

First : Ready Stock page.
this page will show you some ready stock products, products will be random, and just have 1 item per product in stock.
Sadly, the price will be higher a little than Pre-Order products.
but for those who have any patient to wait 3-4 weeks, yes. This page is definitely for you :*

Second : Accessories page
Sister to Sister Store is gladly spreading their wings to cute and glamorous accessories!
This page will be filled by READY STOCK ACCESORIES. While accessories in this page could be vary, such as earrings, bangles, necklace, and others.
Warning : good quality in a definitely cheap price. *yay*

I talked about new product lines, right?
Mari kita sambut produk-produk baru kita :

I'm so happy to tell you about our new lines! *kyaaaaaaaa*
many friends told me about the greatness of Lioele, VOV and Peripera!
and now you can grab them as easy as eating ice-cream *yay*

One thing to announce :
disc 5% exclusively for Sister to Sister's follower on twitter, just for
January 2013 Pre Order & February Pre Order

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and one more thing :
Sister to Sister Store 1st giveaway will be closed on 14th January 2013
make sure you're in! 

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Last word,
Sister to Sister Store mengucapkan
May the upcoming year be delightful, and our resolutions could came true :)

Sister to Sister


  1. Join my first giveaway and win Thboxes accessories of your choice

  2. aduh, balas emailnya lama banget yak.. ini sudah lebih dari 3 hari.. tapi ga ad balasan sama sekali.. btw itu di page product u kn ada BRTC sama skin79, tp knp di pricelist yg u kasih ga ad? tolong dibalas yah secepatnya email gw, sama kasih pricelist yang lengkap.. trs saran saya, mending ksh nomor HP deh, drpd email, ga efektif banget dah.. kalau yg ga punya blackberry gmn mao hubungin u biar lbh cepat? pake email aja lama banget balasnya.. tolong ditingkatkan yah pelayanannya.. email gw