Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top 15 must-have products in this summer holiday!

hi girls, here are some best products we picked for you all to POP this summer vacation!

1. Precious Mineral SUN BB CREAM spf50+/PA+++ (35g) from Etude House - Rp. 180.000
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available in 3 shades : N02 (light beige), W13 (natural beige), W15 (sand beige)
Summary : This product may avoid you from harmful sun effect, containing SPF50+ (which is protect you from UVB rays) and PA+++ which is the strongest UVA protection now available. While protecting your skin from damaging UVrays, it does brighten your complexion, and give a natural-medium coverage. This product has a sponge applicator which makes it easier to blend in your skin without looking cakey!
Say goodbye to red-sunburn and aging face, say hello to glowy and youth sun-kissed look!

2. Precious Mineral Sun BB Finish Powder spf15+/ PA++ (5g) from Etude House - Rp. 84.000
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available in 1 shade. natural look.
Summary : do match Sun BB Cream with this finish powder to perfecting your summer look! Apply thinly, to matte the bb cream. if you have an oily skin, this should be perfect for you!

3. Sun-Prise Cotton Touch Powder Cream Smooth Primer spf50+ /PA+++ (40g) - Rp. 144.000
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available in 1 shade. natural & bright look.
Summary : Unique sunscreen has arrived! yes, this cream has a velvety-powdery smooth textures when applied. Completed with SPF 50+ and PA+++ function, you will love this sunscreen! do feel the difference! Suits oily skin and give a matte finish.

4. Nymph Aura Jelly Tint Blusher (10g) from Etude House - Rp.75.600
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available in 2 shades : #1 Pink Sparkle and #2. Red Orange Glow
Summary : Apply this tint to achieve your natural cheek's glow! We recommend shade #2, red orange glow for medium-dark skin. for fair to medium skin, you suits both shades. this tint absorb very fast, not oily, and leave you a healthy glowing cheeks :D perfect for going to pool / beach or somewhere hot because its so natural looking!

5. Tomato Smoothie Tint (5g) from The SkinFood - Rp. 61.800
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available in 3 shades : #1. Red Tomato, #2. Pink Tomato, #3. Orange Tomato
Summary : ah, another tint- product. yes, cant get enough of it, because its so natural. for those who are craving for a natural lips, a free-kiss-mark-on-your-boyfriend-cheek's lip, healthy looking, youth, and not too much for wearing at day (gak medok istilahnya :p), this should be on your list!

Other H.O.T lip-tints :
Dear Darling Tint AD (3shades) 4.5g by Etude House - Rp. 50.400
Dear Darling Neon Tint (3 shades) by Etude house - Rp. 72.000
Dear Darling Tint Gloss Couple (3 shades) 3,7+2,8g by Etude House - Rp. 75.600
Miss tangerine Soda Tint (2 shades) 6ml by Etude House - Rp. 66.000
Tomato Cool Jelly Tint (3 shades) 10ml by The SkinFood - Rp. 59.300
Lovely Me :Ex Milky Tint (3 shades) 4ml by The FaceShop - Rp. 90.000

5. Lovely Me :Ex Tint Balm (10g) from The FaceShop - Rp. 88.000
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available in 3 shades : Cherry-pink, Cherry-Orange, and Cherry-Light Cherry
Summary : another tint product. But you can tell the difference from those usual tint. This tint has balm included! with the cute cherry design, say goodbye to your chapped lip! while the balm moisturize your lip, the tint gives you the natural pop colour! a must have for dry lips ^^

6. Apple Jelly Lip-Scrub (6gr) from BaviPhat - Rp. 43.600

Summary : Have a chapped and dry lip? This lip-scrub just made for you, babe. get a baby-like lip in no time with this scrub! It gently exfoliates your dead skin's lip, and leave you a healthy looking lip!

7. BeBe Lip Mask (1.2g) from The FaceShop - Rp. 20.400
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Summary : Have 10 minutes to treat your dry and chapped lips? This would solve your problem. this lip mask gives moist and make your lips lovely enough to kiss :*

8. Wonder Pore Freshener (500ml) from Etude House - Rp. 201.600

Summary : Big pore, watch out! you'll be shrink for sure with this Wonderpore Freshener! This is technically a toner, with more than usual toner abilities. Yes, how could a toner gives you 7 solutions in one product? This must be an amazing product. Claims to :
* Deep cleanses pores
* Maintain PH 4.5 +- 1
*Control a large amount of the sebum
* Minimize appearance of pores
* Refine the skin tones
* Keep the elasticity of pores
* Moisturize inside and outside of skin
you can look how they love this product on their reviews :

9. Camellia Sun Hair Mist (150ml) from Innisfree - Rp. 139.200

Summary : Enriched with pure camellia oil from Jeju Island, this hair mist makes your hair silky soft, and have a healthy shine. This mist protects your hair from damaging sun rays, while repairing the dry parts, and damaged hair cuticles. You should check it out, do you know SNSD's Yoona? Yes, that famous pretty girl. She's using this product to protect her lovely hair. check this link below :

are you agree with me that her hair looks so beautiful? Just give this hair mist a try for your hair ;D

10. Facial Mist
>> Another important thing to carry in your bags while going out. There are 2 main benefits of facial mist : they can change the appearance of your skin (while you're looking like zombie), refresh you up, and cooling your skin when the weather is too hot. And yes, they're moisturize your skin too :D check out products i picked for you below :
- Pure Water Facial Mist (70ml) from The FaceShop - 66.000
available in 3 types : Jeju Flower, Jeju Marine, and Jeju Orange.
Summary : Jeju Island's pure Samdasu water and ingredients will quench your thirsty skin.
Jeju Flower - contains Jeju Samdasu (80%) + Jeju flower extract (canola honeysuckle Thymus quinquecostatus ) (10%)It balances moisture and oil level. Its scent is light and romantic flower.
Jeju Marine - improve circulation to revitalize tired skin, have a fresh breeze scent.
Jeju Orange - contains Jeju Samdasu (80%) + Jeju orange and tangerine extract (10%)It contains vitamin C and its scent is Citric orange and tangerine.

- Facial Water Vita Mist (145ml) from The SkinFood - Rp. 116.200
available in 3 types : Vita A, Vita B and Vita C.
Summary : A facial water mist that fills thirsty skin with vital hydrating energy of Vita A, B, an C complex, and Alaska glacier water. Alaska glacier water is fresh water at midly alkaline pH, enriched with oxygen, minerals, and ions.
Vita A - contains vitamin A 
Vita B - contains vitamin B
Vita C - contains vitamin C

- Aqua Cure Facial Mist (100ml) from Etude House - Rp. 114.000
available in 3 types : Bamboo water, Chamomile water, Vitamin water
Summary : Formulated with Alaskan Glacier mineral water, to supply skin moisture and essential skin nourishment. 
Bamboo water - supplies amino-acid, vitamin, mineral, and cooling sensation to the skin.
Chamomile water - supplies anti inflammatory efficacy, mineral, and cooling sensation to the skin.
Vitamin water - supplies vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, minerals, and cooling sensation to the skin.
review :

11. Dr. Lash Ampule (8ml+10ml) from Etude House - Rp. 204.000
Summary : Petit and thin lashes? no problemo. with Dr. Lash Ampule, you'll grow a thick and long lashes. no, it's not a mascara nor false eyelashes. This product works like magic to stimulate your lash's roots to grow thicker and longer! many have tried and succeed, would you?
review : 

12. Waterproof Eyeliner
>> This is a must for hot, sweaty weather, especially summer, where beaches and pools are awaiting for you! You don't want an eyeliner to smudge all over your eyes, do you? 

- Proof 10 Liquid Liner NEW from Etude House - Rp. 100.800
available in 5 shades : BK801(Black Shine), BL601(Blue Coolpix), BR401(Brownies), GR701(Aqua Turkey), OR201 ( Sour Orange)

- Lovely Me: Ex Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner from The FaceShop - Rp. 66.000
available in 8 shades : 01(Black Cat), 02(Choco latte), 03(Blue Indigo), 04(Purple Disco), 05(Sky Fever), 06(Celebrities), 07(Peach Show), 08(Moon silver)

- M Smudge Proof Pen Eyeliner from Missha - Rp. 121.000
available in 1 shade.

13. Waterproof Mascara
- Proof 10 Super Washable Mascara from Etude House - Rp. 110.400
available in 2 types : #1. Volume and #2. Long lash
colour : Black.

- EyeLove Proof Hyper-waterproof Browcara (4.5ml) from Holika Holika - Rp. 77.500
available in 1 shade : Dark Brown (for brows)

- Lovely Waterproof Mascara Black from Beauty Credit - Rp. 129.500
available in 1 colour : Black

- Eggplant Perfect Waterproof Mascara from The SkinFood - Rp. 127.100
available in 1 color : Black

14. Cleansing Tissue
>> An unique and practical way to clean your face, including remove cosmetics. 

- Green Vegetable Cleansing Tissue (50sheets) from The SkinFood - Rp. 64.200
- Baking Powder Cleansing Tissue (Oil Type, 30sheets) from Etude House - Rp. 72.000
- Herb day Lip&Eye Remover Tissue (30sheets) from The FaceShop - Rp. 36.000

- Herb day Cotton Tea Tree Cleansing Tissue (50sheets) from The FaceShop - Rp. 72.000

- Juicy Hawaii Kiwiade Cleansing Tissue (100sheets) from Holika Holika - Rp. 87.200

- Super Aqua All in One Cleansing Oil in Tissue (40sheets) from Missha - Rp. 78.700

- Sebum Balancing Cleansing Tissue (70sheets) from BaviPhat - Rp. 59.300

15. Nail Lacquer from The FaceShop - Rp. 18.000
>> Summer time! Time to pop out your nail girls ^^

- Lovely Mix Nails YL702

- Lovely Mix Nails BL601
- Lovely Mix Nails RD301
- Lovely Mix Nails GR504

That's all! If you have any question please comment below, and if you want to order, please kindly notice us through email ;) thanks



  1. Wonder Pore Freshener much in dollar?

    1. $21 according to Today's currency :) exclude shipping from Indonesia..