Monday, August 13, 2012

Beauty On a Budget : Under 50.000 each!

Hi girls! Are you having a 'Too broke to be true' phase this month? and you're running out your eyeliner, lipstick, and such? READ this blog, and you'll find which one suits you best!
we picked some quality make-up, yet is still very affordable for you! (under 50.000 IDR, who can resist?)

Halooo.. di blog kali ini, kita bakalan nampilin produk-produk make-up yang sesuai sama isi kantong kamu-kamu yang lagi menipis : Dibawah 50 ribu rupiah! Bukan karna murah, lantas ga berkualitas ya, pastinya udah banyak yang puas juga pakai produk-produk dibawah ini^^


Drawing Eye Brow AD from Etude House - Rp 32.400
available in 6 shades :
no.1 dark brown, no.2 grey brown, no.3 brown
no.4 dark grey, no.5 grey, no.6 black.
Summary : we recommend to pick no.1, no.2, no.4, or no.5 if you're having a natural black brows like us. those colour suit best, and blend into our brows to make a natural look.
but if you're wanting more dramatic, you can pick either no.6, or no.3 :)

review :


Oh M'Eye Line AD from Etude House - Rp 48.000
available in 3 shades : #1. My Black, #2. My Grey. #3. My Brown
Summary : This is a liquid type of eyeliner. gives you a precision, even on a hand of beginner. A bomb in a pack, i would say, : neat line, vivid color, and very washable! Don't worry if it's raining, as long as you're not rubbing your eyes, it will always stay right at your beautiful eyes :)

review :

Black Bean Eye Liner Pencil from The SkinFood - Rp 31.500

available in 4 shades : #1. Black, #2. Blue, #3. Brown, #4. Violet
Summary : An affordable eyeliner and brush in one package! yes, its a must have item for you. Skinfood is good enough to pack an eyeliner along with it's brush to give you a natural look, no harsh line! i really recommend you to get one, or two maybe :D


Look at My Eyes Cafe from Etude House - Rp. 45.600

available in 7 shades :
PK001 - Peach Latte
BE101 - Banana Latte
PP501 - Sweet Potato Latte
BR401 - Cafe Latte
BR402 - Cafe Mocha
BE102 - Honey Milk
BK801 - Espresso
Summary : A new eyeshadow range from Etude House! only available in 7 shades, but still, it could touch up your eyes into a drop-dead gorgeous look! This 7 shades are shades you can wear anytime, anywhere, and in any occasion. Wanna be sweet? Play Etude!

Petite Darling Eyes Matte from Etude House - Rp. 38.400

available in 8 shades :
1. Vanilla
2. Cafe Latte
3. Cocoa
4. Charcoal
5. Peach Marshmellow
6. Strawberry Milk
7. Morning Lilac
8. Blue
Summary : Wanna feel like an adult? Tired of those bling-y eyeshadow? This could be your answer. Introducing, a matte eyeshadow. Yes, matte. Solid color, no pearl, no glittering, look perfect for oily face! What could be better?


Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner AD from Etude House - Rp. 28.000
available in 5 shades :
1. Soft Rose
2. Pink Beige
3. Milky Brown
4. Real Rose
5. Natural Berry

BlackBean Lip Pencil from The SkinFood - Rp. 32.700

available in 6 shades :
1. Dark Red
2. Pinky Red
3. Peach Pink
4. Nude Beige
5. Ochre Brown
6. Dark Brown

Apple Soft Lip Balm from BaviPhat - Rp. 43.600

Lemon Soft Lip Balm from BaviPhat - Rp. 46.000

Honey Lip Treatment from The SkinFood - Rp. 48.400
Summary :  Honey is known for it's benefit for body. Let your lips taste and experience the benefits, to a healthy looking lips ^^

Shea Butter Lip Care Bar from the SkinFood - Rp. 49.700
available in 5 flavor :
1. raspberry
2. Watermelon
3. Apricot
4. Mint
5. Milk

Summary : all the colour is sheer. dont be scared by those colour. gives you a shiny natural lips look. Perfect for lazy make-up days :D

Tanggle Tanggle Jelly Lip Gloss from BaviPhat - Rp.32.700
available in 5 shades :
1. Tanggle Apple
2. Tanggle Orange
3. Tanggle Pink
4. Tanggle Gold Pink
5. Tanggle Beige

Lovely Me:Ex Volume My Lips from The FaceShop - Rp.46.800
available in 5 shades :
1. Star Shine
2. Milky Pink
3. Baby Peach
4. Sugar Cherry
5. Rose Pink
Summary : Adding volume for your lips. Sexy, shiny, kissable, attracting lips, it's all yours.

Lip Perfume Breath Mist from Etude House - Rp. 44.400
available in 3 types :
1. Peach
2. Grapefruit
3. Apple
Summary : Feel a yucky smell from your mouth? Just spray this cute perfume to your mouth. Instantly cover up your (uh-yucks) breath to a sweet scented breath ^^

Sugar Girl Fresh Lip Perfume Mist from BaviPhat - Rp. 43.600

available in 3 types :
1. Peach
2. Green apple
3. Lemon
Summary : Feel a yucky smell from your mouth? Just spray this cute perfume to your mouth. Instantly cover up your (uh-yucks) breath to a sweet scented breath ^^

Look, being pretty doesn't always equal to expensive products.
Even it's cheap or expensive, you should check the quality of the product. 

Be wise on spending your money ^^


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